Black Friday 2022 in

Black Friday 2022 in


What is Black Friday

Black Friday is a promotional campaign that takes place once a year all over the world. Traditionally, Black Friday takes place on the last Friday of the month of November and can sometimes last for around a week. What sets the event apart from the rest is that dealers give their best offers for their items. Black Friday 2022 will take place at and great offers are expected for all items. 

When is Black Friday?

The Black Friday 2022 promotional campaign will start at the end of November, and due to the high interest in users, the promotional campaign will take place within about a week instead of the traditional one day. Thus, users will have enough time to view and order everything they want during the promotional campaign. 

What will be discounted on Black Friday

For the Black Friday 2022 campaign, we have prepared excellent prices on all our items. This promotion will primarily include the following:

  • Apple iPhones;

  • New and second-hand laptops;

  • Computers;

  • Accessories;

  • Outlet equipment.

Who are

Online store is an established dealer with many years of experience in the sale of demonstration and second-hand equipment. You can find Apple iPhone smartphones with a 24-month warranty, new and second-hand laptops, and a large assortment of other accessories and equipment. has a physical store in the city of Sofia. You can place an order with express delivery for only BGN 10 to an address convenient for you or pick up your order at our physical location. We also offer a payment option without a down payment and the possibility to return an online order within 14 days. Quality doesn't have to be expensive, make sure of that by visiting

Promotional iPhones with an leasing option

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