iPhone SE 2020 Features

iPhone SE 2020 Features


Year of release

In recent years, we have become accustomed to Apple's tradition of announcing its new products every year, mostly in September. In the beginning of 2020, however, they changed their tradition and introduced us to their new smartphone, which shattered all notions of their thinking. For years, the company released models that were full screen and the size was getting bigger every year. Until they announced the second generation iPhone SE (2020). In this post, we will make a brief review of the model.


  • Dimensions

The size used by Apple is one to one with the iPhone 8, and externally they differ only in the apple on the back, which in the new model is in the middle. The length of the device is 143.6 mm, the width is 70.9 mm and the depth is 7.7 mm. Of course, the iPhone SE 2020 has other external differences from the eight, such as the display. The frame in the new model is black in all colors, while in model eight, the color of the display frame differed from the color of the phone. The big advantage of the same size is the greater choice of accessories. Both models have compatible accessories such as glass protector and cases. So you can buy a glass protector and a silicone back for the iPhone 8, which will fit perfectly on the iPhone SE (2020)

  • Display

The display of the second generation iPhone SE is 4.7 inches with HD resolution, supports 3D Touch (additional options when holding an icon) and has a built-in True Tone function, which makes the color gamut even more realistic.

  • Processor

iPhone SE 2020 has the latest Apple processor A13 Bionic, which the company previously used in the iPhone 11 series. It is six-core and can reach a great 2.65Ghz speed, using 3GB LPDDR4 built-in RAM as a resource and thanks to its parameters - it works very fast and can run any modern game.

(photo of the Apple A13 Bionic processor, which is built into the iPhone SE 2020)

  • Camera

The model has a front camera that has a 7 megapixel sensor and is used mainly for selfies and video calls, but can still capture video in Full HD resolution.

The rear camera has an 8-megapixel wide-angle sensor, which takes amazing photos with great shades, thanks to its processor - the camera allows photos in portrait mode. It allows you to capture videos in 4K resolution. The company claims that this is their best single camera on the phone at the moment.

  • Wireless charging

Thanks to its beautiful glass back, this phone allows wireless charging with 5W and 7.5-watt chargers that support the QI standard for wireless charging. To use this type of charging, you must have a wireless charger that supports the QI standard.

  • Home button (Fingerprint)

Compared to the new generations of iPhones, this model has a fingerprint (Touch ID). Thanks to the fact that it has the legendary home button on the display. Setup is done in a few seconds, and then unlocking is much faster and more secure than before. Of course, the functions of the home button are more, such as - can be used to quickly return to the main menu or to display open applications.

  • Colors

The model is available in three colors:

  1. 1. Black
  2. 2. White
  3. 3. Red

(photo of the three colors in which the iPhone SE 2020 is available)

  • Internal storage memory:

iPhone SE 2 has three internal memory options:

1. 64GB

2. 128GB

3. 256GB

  • Battery

The battery is 1821mAh and is enough for a few days of normal use, but with heavy use it may be necessary to charge within a day or two. This model allows the use of an 18W charger, with which the battery reaches 50% capacity within 30 minutes.

(photo of the quick charge adapter)

  • eSIM (second SIM card)

While you can only physically insert one SIM card into your phone, this model allows you to use an additional second electronic SIM card. But before you take these steps, you should check that your operator supports electronic SIM cards.

What is the difference between iPhone SE and iPhone SE 2020

Many consumers are wondering what the difference is between the new and the old SE. The truth is that their difference is huge, but the concept is the same for both. You get a handy handheld phone with state-of-the-art parts. In the first generation SE (2016) we got the latest processor and parameters that were used in the iPhone 6S, but in a much smaller size. In the second generation SE (2020) we get the latest parts used in the iPhone 11 Pro, but again in a much smaller and more comfortable size.

(on the left in the photo is the iPhone SE 2016, and on the right the iPhone SE 2020)

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