What is iPhone battery health and how to extend it

What is iPhone battery health and how to extend it


On March 29, 2018, Apple announced a new version of the operating system for mobile phones iPhone. The version was iOS 11.3 and included: graphical statistics on battery usage and an option to view battery health. After this update, mobile devices from the brand began to automatically alert users about irregularities with batteries. Whether the mobile device was turning off unexpectedly, whether its health has dropped dramatically or if it is recommended to change it. This is one of the most commented updates in the iPhone software and to this day remains a topic of the agenda for many users of the brand.

 Apple iOS 13.3 Battery Health Update

How to extend battery health

There are many ways to extend the life (battery health) of your battery to maintain high performance and health percentages. There are at least five essential recommendations with which you can protect and extend the life of your device:

1. Do not let the charge drop below 20%;

 Low Battery Mode under 20 percentage

There is a false statement that has been shared for some time by people who understand and don't understand everything. It is said that we should occasionally let our phone drop to zero percent and charge it up to 100 percent after that, the purpose is to reset the batteries or something. No one has an exact and logical explanation, but it is a fact that many people recommend it. Unfortunately, this is not the case and should not be done, because if you let your device drop to zero percent, you will reduce its overall capacity. Accordingly, with repeated such practice, you shorten the life of your device and it will last less and less and its charging will be necessary more and more often. Many experts recommend not letting the charge in batteries fall below 20/30 percent. Experts also advise not to fully charge our devices or leave the device on the charger overnight. It is recommended to stop charging at approximately 80-90%. Charging between 20 and 90% is quite optimal and gentle on batteries. If you follow these recommendations and charge phones between these recommended percentages, you will extend your uptime and the life of your device.

2. Do not keep the device too cold or too hot;

 Hot and Cold Tempertures

Because of the chemical ingredients of lithium-ion batteries, we must be very careful with their storage and use. At lower temperatures, chemical solutions deteriorate and reduce the performance of your device. Although somewhat opposite, the same applies to high temperatures. At very high temperatures, the chemical liquid can decrease, and the overall capacity will decrease. Smartphone manufacturers recommend that phones be used between 17 and 22 degrees Celsius. This temperature is the most optimal and gentle for your mobile devices.

3. Do not use the device while it is in the charger;

 Playing games on Apple iPhone

When the phone is charging, it generates heat relative to the power of its charger. Slower chargers generate less heat, while faster chargers generate more heat. These temperature rises are intended by the manufacturers, but when a mobile device is used while charging, it often raises the temperature seriously. There are situations where the device is difficult to hold in the hand due to its high temperature. This type of usage while charging can damage your battery because of the extreme temperature that negatively affects the chemical solution in the battery. The negative effect on the chemical solution leads to a decrease in capacity and correspondingly less workability.

4. Adjust brightness, sound, and vibration;

 iPhone Brightness Control

There are some things we are used to taking for granted in our devices and those are brightness, sound, and vibration. They are unfortunately things that also use up our batteries and play a role in whether they last longer or fall down faster. One of the biggest battery drains is the display, so frequent brightness adjustments are important. When we listen to music or watch videos, the volume can always be adjusted according to our surroundings. If we are in a quiet environment, we can lower the volume to ensure a charge for a longer time. Vibration is also a consumer that can be stopped and save us some battery drainage.

5. Изключвайте ненужни функции.

 iOS iPhone Functions Control

Have you ever had your battery drained without using the phone? However, did you know that this is not exactly the case? While we're not using our devices, we often have functions running in the background that regularly sync and use batteries. It's a key to check which features are turned on and if you need them because they use the battery frequently. These functions can be Mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, AirDrop, Hotspot, or applications that you have not closed and are running in the background. If you adjust the length of time that the listed functions work, you will extend the life of the battery on your phone. In our tests, we found that with all features turned off, the devices last for about twice as long as usual. We recommend you try it too.

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