Why choose iPhone 11

Why choose iPhone 11


Release date

September 20, 2019 was the official premiere of Apple and their new smartphone models. On this day it became official, the presence of Apple iPhone 11 series phones. The premiere included three models to meet the needs of everyone and of course to meet the requirements of all fans of the brand, who could not wait for the innovation in iPhone phones. The unique iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max were presented at the premiere. Something for everyone. In this post, you will take a closer look at the iPhone 11 and its features.


  • Design

The phone is the budget model for this series, but nevertheless, its size is relatively large and sufficient for watching movies or playing games. The model has a sturdy aluminum frame and measures 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 millimeters, and weighs approximately 194 grams without accessories.

  • Display

The smartphone has a 6.1-inch IPS LCD display, which is quite pleasant to watch and has a resolution of 828 x 1792, which is enough to stay with a pleasant feeling when watching videos and photos.

  • Processor

Like any new Apple model, this new model also has a newer generation processor. This is the Apple A13 Biotic processor, it is six core and is divided into two speeds that depend on the load of the phone. The fastest and most powerful cores are two with a speed of 2.65 GHz, and the other four are more economical in order to save longer battery life, their speed is 1.80 GHz).

  • Internal memory and RAM

The iPhone 11 comes with three internal memory options, all of which have the same 4GB of RAM. The model is available with the following internal memory options:

  1. 64GB;
  2. 128GB;
  3. 256GB.

  • Rear camera

The iPhone 11 has two unique rear cameras that are wide-angle and, in addition to taking up more space when shooting, they also support portrait mode, which focuses the picture on one subject. Definitely a feature that everyone would love to have. Both cameras are 12 megapixel, one is wide-angle with optical stabilization for more detailed photos, and the other is ultra-wide with the ability for super wide 120 degree photos.


(photo of the rear cameras on the iPhone 11, source - "Da Verg")

  • Front camera

The model has a 12 megapixel wide angle camera with the ability to shoot 4K videos.

  • Facial recognition

In addition to the front camera, the phone boasts the third generation, which receives Apple's innovative feature - facial recognition. This model has a built-in infrared sensor that traverses your face with precision and decides in great detail who is behind the phone.

  • Colors:

iPhone 11 is available in a wider range of colors, unlike other models in the 11 series.

It is available in six colors:

  1. Black;
  2. Green;
  3. Yellow;
  4. Purple;
  5. White;
  6. Red.

(photo of all colors of this model)

  • Battery

Along with large proportions in size, the budget smartphone also comes with a large battery that is capable of lasting a long time of use. The iPhone 11 has a 3110 mAh (milliampere) battery, which is 168 mAh more than the previous budget model XR.

  • Wireless charging

Apple has once again relied on its extremely strong and elegant glass back, which has a wireless receiver mounted under the back cover. This aesthetic design allows for wireless charging of the phone. To charge your phone wireless, you need a charger that supports the IQ charging standard.


(photo of wireless charger)

A curious fact

The 11-series phones are the first Apple phones to support Wi-Fi 6 and another very important key improvement - two SIM cards. However, to use the second SIM card, you need to ask your operator if they support eSIM. In this case, the second SIM card is electronic and you do not need to store it physically.

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