Vacuum iRobot Roomba 805

The main advantages of the Roomba 805 vacuum cleaner

Navigation system with numerous sensors, which highlights the presence of stairs and other obstacles.

Smart technology

Roomba 805 can track exactly where it is moving in your home, its sensors could detect the presence of stairs or other obstacles. The set includes two virtual walls, the location of which is programmed by you. In short, by creating these virtual walls you could only choose a specific area to be cleaned.

Brushes and accessories

With Roomba 805 you won't get many accessories, but you don't have to worry. The programming of the operation of the brushes, set from the vacuum cleaner itself, presents the possibility of cleaning even the most difficult to access spaces.

The cleaner can clean dirt from the edges of your space with its side brushes. At the same time, Roomba 805 can be self-adjusting, thanks to this functionality it can clean with minimal problems the hardwood surfaces of floors, carpet surfaces and laminate flooring.

Cleaning scheduling function

Thanks to the function for scheduling cleaning, you could schedule the date and time at which you want the robot to start cleaning. You could plan cleaning up to 7 times a week, several times a day. If you want, Roomba 805 will continue to clean until you need to charge it. After cleaning, Roomba 805 automatically returns to its charging station.

Better productivity

Equipped with an AeroForce High-Efficiency filter, this robot vacuum cleaner is able to capture up to 99% of all allergens, dust or particles about 10 microns in size in your home. Roomba 805 has a three-degree cleaning system that ensures a higher cleaning efficiency of up to 50% compared to other vacuum robots on the market. At the same time, AeroForce allows 5X of air power while the robot is cleaning.

Types of surfaces to be cleaned

Roomba 805, is a robot designed for cleaning all types of flooring in your home, such as tiles, linoleum, carpet or wood flooring.


Carpet cleaning

The appliance is perfect for cleaning carpets with short threads, without tears. Despite the modern technologies that Roomba 805 has, it faces problems if the carpets have illegal or broken areas. If you have pets, the robot vacuum cleaner is perfect, as it can clean almost all the hair that has fallen out of your pet.

Cleaning hardwood floors

Roomba 805 is equipped with adjustable brushes, which facilitate the routine cleaning of hard floors. Really Roomba 805 could make your parquet shine. It captures everything and can move in the nails to clean them well.

Easy removal of hairs from carpets and floors

Roomba 805 can clean most of the hairs that have fallen off the fur of your pets and have great results. If you have pets you could schedule.


The whole vacuum cleaner is light and weighs only about 3 kg, for these reasons it is easy to carry. It can rotate and move in all directions with minimal friction.