What to look for when buying a TV

What to look for when buying a TV


What to look for when buying a TV

Before buying a TV, we need to know where to put it and how much free space we have. If it is too close, the TV should be fewer inches and vice versa, if it is further away, the TV should be more inches.

We often want it on the section, then decide we want it on the wall. Therefore, it is best to estimate the distance between the legs of the TV and check if there are holes for stands on the back. Current TVs have a VESA standard that you can find in almost any one and you don't have to worry if you want your TV on the wall, but you still have to keep one thing in mind.

Of course, these are the most standard topics in a TV, there are much more important topics, and now we will list some of them.

What characteristics does it have?

  • Resolution

It is very common not to know what resolution we need. But it depends on whether it will be used for better quality video or will be used only for national channels. If you only use a receiver and only watch it, then an FHD TV is enough for you. At the moment, the choice of 4K channels is very small and there is no point in such a high resolution.

However, if you use the Internet, watch online videos or watch movies on your computer - then 4K is a must, because you can get an indescribable quality in the picture.

  • SMART 

As we listed above: if you need 4K resolution, for the same reason you should consider if you also need a SMART TV. If you have the Internet and often use applications to watch videos, then smart features are a must.

New or demo to choose

A common question is whether it makes sense to choose a demo TV instead of a new one. The truth is that we get the same quality at a much lower price. The warranty on demonstration TVs is often 24 months. When the value for money is good, there is no reason to spend too much money on the same product.

Why trust is an online store, established in the sale of demonstration TVs. All offered models are tested by a team of professionals who guarantee the functionality of the goods, which is the same as for a new product, 24 months warranty and quick repairs in the services of importers, with prices much cheaper than regular ones. With an online purchase from you receive fast delivery with the right to test and check and return within 14 days.

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