Why choose a Samsung TV

Why choose a Samsung TV


Why choose a Samsung TV

Samsung is one of the best in the field of TVs, their history dates back almost half a century. They are leaders in matrix development. It is a known fact that they also make the displays of their phones themselves, which are also at a high level.

One of their big advantages is that they have their own operating system called Tizen. It is very clean and optimized, works with great ease and has high performance.

Which models are the best

The best Samsung models are those that are SMART and have 4K resolution. Higher models have nano backlighting, which contributes to even better picture quality. A little further down, we will write more information about it.

What features to watch

  • Tizen operating system

The operating system of Samsung TVs is very optimized and in addition to speed, it also boasts a wide range of applications. Here you can find virtual voice assistants such as Bixby, Amazon Alexa and Google Assisstant.



  • Quantum Dot

This innovation greatly improves the picture quality of your TV. Due to the small quantum size of the backlight, the colors of the matrix are much more saturated than normal and the picture quality is very good than the standard. You can find this type of backlight in Samsung's QLED TVs.


  • 4K Upscaling

Models with 4K Upscaling are programmed to change the resolution of your TV when watching something of lower quality. When you watch HD channels, the TV automatically converts the picture to 4K resolution.


  • OneRemote

If your TV is from the higher series and has the Tizen operating system, it is most likely accompanied by a smart remote from Samsung, which they call "OneRemote" (in translation - "One remote"). This remote can detect and connect to all compatible connected devices to the TV and control them all. Separately, the remote has a built-in microphone, through which you can change channels, turn on applications, mute / unmute and many other commands just by the volume.


  • Remote Access

This feature allows you to connect the TV to your computer, at home or at work, using only the Internet. You can be away from your machine and do everything on it from a distance.

Another option is to wirelessly connect your machine's display to the TV and turn on a video or movie without the need for long cables and having to run them from room to room.

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