Why choose a second hand iPhone

Why choose a second hand iPhone


Why choose a second hand iPhone

Older iPhone models have more non-standard sizes and have aluminum bodies that make them stronger in everyday use. Finding an older model in a new or demonstration condition is a great difficulty or sometimes impossible. Especially if this model was discontinued more than 3 years ago. Therefore, the only choice is sometimes second-hand.

What are the advantages

The advantage of getting a second hand is that you will find the phone for a much lower price than the standard one for this model. This is often at least 50% below the initial value of the device. So you get for less money - the desired design and quality of workmanship, according to your requirements.

What to look for when buying a second hand iPhone

iPhones are generally robust phones and are a combination of quality parts. Therefore, you will often not encounter problems with them. But there are exceptions when the phone is used more than normal, when it is improperly used or stored. So now we will give you the ten most important things you can check when buying a second hand phone:

  • Cosmetic traces

Before checking the functionality of the device, it is important to check for cosmetic remarks. Traces of bumps, cracked glass or other remarks. Appearance has nothing to do with functionality, but still, you may have one thing in mind for storing or using this device. After inspecting the phone visually, it's time to check it functionally.

  • Battery health (this option is only available on the Apple iPhone at this time)

Believe it or not, this is a proven priority for users of this brand of phones, so you will hear this question most often: "What is the percentage of battery life?". This option makes the purchase of an iPhone much more transparent - than with any other phone on the market. Therefore, it is best to take advantage. To check the battery life, you need to go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health. There you will find the percentage of life. Apple recommends that battery life be over 80% so you can get the best performance from each of their models.

  • SIM card

Each manufacturer makes different modifications to one of its models, for example in Asia you have some built-in applications, and in Europe others. Sometimes they lock devices to certain operators. In general, the performance of all modifications is absolutely the same for all units, but to make sure that this phone is not locked and that it works properly, insert your SIM card in the phone and wait at least 10-15 seconds, in most cases it gets faster. If you see the name of your operator at the top left, then the phone works successfully with SIM cards and you can move on.

  • Speaker and microphone

From old age, dirt in the pocket and many other reasons - sometimes the headset and microphone can be quieter than usual. After inserting the SIM card, you can have a quick conversation with someone close to you to see if you can hear it and if he can hear you. If you find the sound quieter than the headset, make sure the volume is not reduced.

  • Wi-Fi

To check if Wi-Fi is working on your phone, just turn it on from Settings -> Wi-Fi and check if it detects networks, but it's best to connect to another phone with Hotspot or some other wireless network. If you successfully complete this step, it means that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are working. (Especially on the iPhone, both features share the same chip - if one works, then the other works).

  • Flashlight

Starting and shutting down the flashlight takes seconds and saves you this uncomfortable feeling if it accidentally doesn't work.

  • Front / rear camera

We open the rear camera, if it works we move to the front camera. If both work - we proceed to the next inspection.

  • Portrait mode

Some models use a second rear camera for portrait photography, so it's best to test the portrait option on the rear camera - if it works, we move on.

  • Physical buttons

After a long use, one of the buttons may not work, so you can start testing with the symbolic for Apple - Volume Switch, which moves up / down. It is located at the top left of all models. If while moving it up / down - turn off the sound and turn on the sound of the device - then it works. Then try lowering the volume and increasing it. Try the lock and unlock button. Finally, lock the phone and press the Home button twice (in the middle of the screen), if available.

  • Fingerprint  (Touch ID) / Face Recognition (Face ID)

If the model has a fingerprint, you need to go to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode and select Add a Fingerprint. A new window will appear in which you have a graphic in the form of a fingerprint while you are in this place, place your thumb two or three times and see if it counts your fingerprint. Then press Cancel before locking the device to your fingerprint.

If the model has facial recognition, you need to go to Settings -> Face ID & Passcode and select Set up Face ID. A new window will appear in which the front camera will be included. There is a circle in which you have to put your head and you have to wait, to count it. When you count it, turn your head slightly left and right, if the circle is full - then facial recognition works. Then press Cancel before you lock the device to your face.

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