Why choose an HP laptop

Why choose an HP laptop


Why choose an HP laptop

Forbes ranked the five best-selling laptops for the first quarter of last year. HP's machines are the best-selling, with an impressive 18.1 million units sold, putting the company at the forefront. They are followed by Lenovo with 17.4 million units, while Dell, Apple and Acer remain behind in the ranking.

Wondering why so many HP machines are sold? It's simple. The company offers the latest technological standards at very low prices through its devices. Who wouldn't choose that?

HP laptops have a strong reputation in the market. They have a great variety with many different combinations of processors, display (in inches) and other features, which is very important when looking for different machines for different purposes.

What models are there

Among the best HP Notebook models are those from the ProBook and EliteBook series. They rely on the consumer and business class. Both are currently manufactured according to the "MIL-STD-810" - a military standard that tests them in all stressful situations, such as: low and high temperature, physical and thermal shock, leakage, dust, moisture. They are tested even in an explosive environment, which speaks volumes about the quality of their workmanship. Of course, we do not recommend experimenting with your device in this way, because the warranty, in most cases, does not cover the damage from the listed things. But you can still have one thing in mind if you happen to be in such an extreme situation.

What are their characteristics

  • OS

Unlike before, today most manufacturers rely on built-in, factory-licensed operating systems. However, if you want to buy a laptop that you can plug in and use directly - then it is good to have an operating system, preferably newer, such as Windows 10.

  • Processor

The most developed processors at the moment are INTEL and AMD. Their models have the highest power at the moment, so it's nice to have the processor of one of the two brands. When you look at the characteristics of the processor, it must have at least two physical cores (2 Cores) and "hyperthread" technology, and in this particular example, this means 4 logical cores (4 Threads). This will give you better performance. Of course, if it's more - you have nothing to worry about. This will simply make the laptop work more easily.

  • RAM memory

RAM is just as important as CPU. Models with at least 8GB capacity and DDR4 memory standard are the most sought after because their performance is the highest. Of course, if there is more capacity, it will improve the capabilities of your machine.

  • Internal memory

There are several options when it comes to storing information. One type of internal memory is HDD. This option is more affordable, but the speed depends on the rotation of the disk, which limits the loading speed. While with internal memory-SSD: it loads much faster than standard hard drives because it works differently. If its capacity is at least 256GB, you will have more space for the operating system, as well as for photos, music, movies, programs and other data storage.

  • Protection

We are all looking for an easier way to make our information more secure, but without having to write a password every time. Therefore, there are faster alternatives, which are - fingerprint unlock or face recognition. Both options are convenient, and even some laptops have both options. Of course, this is just one of the alternatives. When you have a large and complex password, it is much more convenient to unlock the laptop with just a finger or face recognition.

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Филип Косев 04.08.2021
Не знаех, че лаптопите на HP се изработват спрямо военен стандарт. Имам два лаптопа HP Elitebook и качеството наистина е много високо. Страхотна статия!

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