5 Universal iPhone Accessories - Part 2

5 Universal iPhone Accessories - Part 2


Apple's ecosystem continues to grow year after year, including an ever-increasing variety of accessories. The company actively strives to offer a variety of accessories for its devices, and in the following article we will mention five outstanding accessories that adapt to both iPhone mobile phones and Apple iPad tablets.

  1. Original Apple Airpods Pro wireless headphones for iPhone

Apple Airpods Pro

In 2019, Apple introduced the first generation of AirPods Pro wireless headphones with the ability to charge wirelessly. The move was made with a view to improving user experience and reducing environmental impact. AirPods Pro offer impressive sound quality, active noise cancellation and comfortable wearing. They also include a quick charge feature that ensures long-lasting use with minimal charging time. Their compatibility covers a wide range of Apple devices, making them the perfect accessory for anyone who values ​​comfort and sound quality.

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  1. Smart watch Apple Watch for iPhone and iPad

Apple Watch

Over the years, Apple Watches have established themselves as leading smartwatches on the market, offering their users not only functionality but also style. With its innovative features and elegant design, Apple Watches have become an integral part of many people's daily lives. From tracking physical activity and health metrics to message and call notifications, these smartwatches offer exceptional convenience and functionality. With customization options and a variety of strap styles, Apple Watches adapt to each user's individual preferences. Whether you're an athlete, professional or tech enthusiast, Apple Watch offers intelligence and elegance in any situation.

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  1. Fast charger and cable set for iPhone

Apple Fast Charging Kit

In 2020, Apple announced that some accessories will be removed from the factory packaging of their products. This measure was taken to reduce the environmental impact of iPhone devices. The solution was introduced simultaneously with the presentation of the 12 series. Therefore, the adapter and headphones, which were previously standard accessories in the boxes of previous models, were excluded from the packaging.

The fast charger lets you charge any iPhone with nearly four times the power. This means that in just 30 minutes it can be charged up to 50% of capacity, which is a noticeable improvement over classic chargers.

Compatibility: Fast charging was first introduced with the iPhone 8 and its larger variant, the iPhone 8 Plus. All subsequent models, including the 14 series, support fast charging.

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  1. Fast car charger with 30W power

Fast charger for car 12v 24v

A fast car charger that supports 12V / 24V and power up to 30W offers the perfect solution for charging your devices while on the go. Equipped with Type-C and USB-A female ports, it provides convenience and flexibility, allowing you to charge different devices simultaneously. Whether you're on a long drive or on the go, this car charger offers fast and efficient charging for your smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. Compatible with standard 12V and 24V car systems, it is the perfect addition to your car to take care of charging your devices while travelling.

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  1. Wireless MagSafe iPhone charger with 15W power

iPhone Magsafe Wireless Charger USB Type-C

In 2020, Apple introduced its first smartphone with MagSafe technology, which allows chargers to be attached using magnets. All models from the iPhone 12 series and newer have this innovative functionality.

With MagSafe technology, you can move your phone freely and use it while it's charging at the same time. In addition, the magnets fix the phone in the ideal position on the charger, ensuring 100% charging efficiency and the ability to use the maximum power of up to 15 watts.


  • Wireless charging: any iPhone 8 to 14 series (inclusive);

  • Magnetic Wireless Charging: Any iPhone 12 to 14 series (inclusive).

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