Apple abandons the new buttons in the iPhone 15

Apple abandons the new buttons in the iPhone 15


Earlier this year, there were rumors that Apple intends to bet on the unconventional and innovative Solid-State Buttons technology we first saw in the iPhone 7 approximately seven years ago. In 2016, we were introduced to this new button, as ... In the last week, other unofficial news related to the iPhone 15 and iOS 17 has appeared.

Apple iOS 17 Software Update

Apple will not be able to integrate the new buttons

According to further information, Apple is having technical difficulties with the fixed volume control buttons. The buttons require a change in the new titanium chassis and more room for additional Taptic Engine vibration motors. With the help of the motors, we leave with the feeling that we are pressing the stationary buttons.

If the company does not solve the problem in the coming weeks, then most likely they will not add this change to their new range and it will remain for development until 2024 when the premiere of the iPhone 16 is expected.

What new to expect

Interestingly, according to rumors, users are expected to get a USB Type-C socket in the new models. Super strong titanium frames for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Many improvements in the expected update of the operating system iOS 17. Full customization of the Control Center, improvements in the search engine, and the new dynamic island in the shape of a pill. The best news is that this year Apple is also expected to announce its new Apple A17 Bionic processor, which is expected to have 3-nanometer technology with faster cores and more optimized consumption.

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