Why choose a Blu-Ray player

Why choose a Blu-Ray player


Why choose a Blu-Ray player?

Blu-ray players are more special. They can read normal DVDs, but they can also read Blu-Ray discs on which super good quality movies are recorded.

Blu-Ray discs are more specific, they can store 25GB, 50GB, they can even reach 100GB of data, while DVDs limit the limit to about 17GB.

In an age where we are always looking for better quality, a DVD would do a good job for an HD movie. But why not Full HD or 4K movies? We can upload such movies to Blu-ray discs, but in order to play them, we must also have a Blu-Ray player.

What characteristics does it have?

  • Playback

All Blu-Ray players can play Full HD resolution, but there are models that also produce 4K quality. If you have an older movie, newer players offer a 4K Upscaling option, which makes your movie a better resolution for your TV.

  • Smart features

On some models, you may find applications that connect you to the Internet. Through them, you can watch online movies and videos. To connect to the Internet, you must have an RJ-45 jack or WiFi feature.

  • USB

If you have such a jack, you can play movies and music through a flash drive.

  • Bluetooth

If you have such a feature, you can play movies and music wirelessly via Bluetooth

  • Amplifier

Blu-Ray players are often used as music amplifiers. The playback power depends on the power of the speakers and their number, in most cases, the number is 2.1 or 5.1, which is five speakers plus one bass speaker (Subwoofer).


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Which is the best brand?

One of the top brands for Blu-Ray players is Samsung. In all their models it is based on better extras and the most affordable prices possible.

On older models, you can find a 5.1 amp, USB playback, radio and internet connection via cable.

In newer models, you can find the above features plus WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth playback and 4K resolution support.

Why buy from

In the online store of you will find many second-hand players. They are thoroughly tested by testing before being put on the market. This allows you to get a Blu-Ray device at a low price without limiting in quality. The 6-month warranty provides you with security. Trust the professionals working for and order your new Blu-Ray player today! When ordering online, you receive fast delivery with review and test, as well as the right to return within 14 days.

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