Why choose iPhone 14 Pro Max

Why choose iPhone 14 Pro Max



The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the highest-end phone of the entire 14 series that was announced in September 2022 by Apple. The smartphone has remarkable new advantages over its older counterparts. In the post, we will look at the pros and cons of this model.

Advantages of iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • Fast processor: The new A16 Bionic is the fastest iPhone processor to date. It is six-core, like its predecessors, but offers times faster speed with two fast 3.46GHz cores and four more economical ones with a frequency of 2.02 GHz.;

  • LTPO display: This type of display is moderately balanced and provides the best of both worlds. Great performance and more optimized battery consumption. The display offers Always On Display, 120-hertz refresh, and exceptional brightness of up to 2000 nits. This combination has never been seen in Apple iPhone;

  • Dynamic island: Another interesting feature of the display is the new pill-shaped notch. Apple calls it Dynamic Island, and it serves to better organize space on the display and improves the presence of the long-criticized notch by users.;

LTPO High Brightness iPhone 14 Pro Max Display With Dynamic Island Notch

  • 48-megapixel sensor: A new camera on the back that gives higher-quality photos. According to Apple, the new camera makes the most of its 48-megapixel sensor by adapting to what users are shooting. For many years, the company only stuck to 12MP, but iPhone 14 Pro Max is is one step ahead of its older counterparts.;

New iPhone 14 Pro Max Main Camera Sensor With 48 Megapixels

  • Help via satellite link: New and innovative service for smartphones and SOS via satellite. The service can help when you are in a location without a signal. Unfortunately, this service is currently not available in Bulgaria and many other countries.;

Special Emergency Help SOS via Satellite iOS

  • Incident sensor: The company added a software innovation that, with the help of sensors in the phone, detects whether you have been involved in an accident and automatically connects to your chosen numbers and emergency help. The new extra is called Crash detection, but the company warns that the sensor cannot detect all car accidents.

Automatic Emergency Crash Detection Sensor iPhone 14 Pro Max iOS

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB Deep Purple

2 599,00 BGN 1 899,00 BGN






Disadvantages of the iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • The price is relatively higher than all other models;

  • There is no fingerprint sensor;

  • Fast charging is again limited to 20 watts;

  • The lack of a physical card (applies to models intended for America);

  • The Type-C socket is missing;

  • Larger and heavier than most models.

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